If you feel that your pet is experiencing an emergency, please DO NOT HESITATE! Bring your pet in immediately! If possible, please call us at 404-924-2000 to let us know you are on your way so we can prepare for your arrival.
We know that a medical emergency can be a frightening experience for you and your pet. At Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists we deliver excellent veterinary care with a focus on patient and pet owner comfort.

We understand that a warm and caring environment is as essential to patient recovery as it is to good decision making when the stakes are high. We are open 24 hours per day, 365 days a year to provide emergency care for your pet.

Our ER is staffed by skilled doctors and veterinary technicians who are not only capable of handling the most demanding emergencies but who also stand by our commitment to provide you and your pet advanced veterinary medical diagnostics and treatment in a caring and compassionate atmosphere.

Emergency FAQs