Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists was co-founded by Dr. Laura Smallwood and her husband Tommy Meers. Dr. Smallwood’s vision for Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists was to create a collaborative multi-specialty practice with a focus on pet owner experience, patient comfort, and excellent patient care. Interior building design, color palette, furnishings, technology infrastructure, and training protocols were all devised with this vision in mind.

In November of 2007, Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists opened its doors as an internal medicine and surgical referral practice with 12 employees. In 2008, diagnostic imaging was added as a specialty service. In 2013, emergency services were added to provide urgent and intensive care for patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The specialty and emergency services currently support the patient care needs of over 300 primary care veterinarians in the greater Atlanta area.

Our Mission

“To provide excellent patient care and pet owner service with a focus that is considerate of the expressed and unexpressed needs of patients, pet owner, primary care veterinarians, and one another.”

The name Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists was chosen to guide and define our daily work as veterinary care providers. Saint Francis is not only the patron saint of animals, but his legacy also speaks to the humane and compassionate treatment of people.

By virtue of our practice name, we are constantly reminded that our focus is on the needs of others—our patients, our pet owners, and the primary care veterinarians who entrust the care of their patients to us. We also understand the importance of focusing on the needs of one another in the workplace. Our Considerate Care Promise defines how our daily actions are guided by a commitment to compassion, empathy and the care of others.

Our building was designed to provide comfortable pet owner and patient care space. The reception area and examination rooms have large windows that overlook a wooded green space. Features of the patient care space include a private ward for our feline patients that provides a quiet “cat only” area. Housing for dogs is divided into several areas to accommodate the specific needs of each patient.

Our building design also supports our commitment to a collaborative care environment. Doctors share a central office that is between the examination hallway and the treatment area. The immediate availability of doctors to the nursing staff and to one another ensures that patients receive the shared benefit of many years of training, experience, and expertise.

At Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists we are committed to utilizing the most current technology to support excellence in the areas of patient care, pet owner experience, and primary care veterinarian service. Electronic medical records that can be viewed throughout the hospital are a cornerstone of our patient care. Hospital-wide access to online veterinary reference sites provides instant access to outside resources. Hospital-wide access to email and our digital phone system support communication with pet owners, primary care veterinarians, and co-workers.

Our commitment to medical technology includes digital imaging (radiography, ultrasound, and CT), endoscopy, and patient monitoring devices. At Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists, we are constantly surveying the technology landscape and seeking ways to employ new technology to the benefit of our patients, pet owners and primary care veterinarians.

Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists will continue to grow and evolve under the guidance of our name, our Considerate Care Promise, our commitment to collaborative care, our commitment to patient and pet owner comfort, and our commitment to technology. We look forward to serving the pet owners and primary care veterinarians of Atlanta for many years to come.